What should I do if the scrubber has these failures?

Floor scrubbers are widely used in all walks of life. The use of scrubbers improves work efficiency and reduces cleaning costs.
No matter what equipment is used for a long time, there will be some problems or failures. It is inevitable that the scrubber dryer will have some failures when it is used. How to solve these failures? Here are some solutions for you.

A. What should I do if the water absorption capacity becomes smaller?

1. Check whether the squeegee absorbs some rubbish and causes the squeegee and the suction pipe to be blocked, and the squeegee can be removed and rinsed.
2. Damage to the water-absorbent adhesive strip will also reduce the dirt absorption capacity. The adhesive strip is a vulnerable product. Long-term suction and friction can easily cause damage to the adhesive strip. If the adhesive strip is damaged, replace it in time.
3. Check whether the suction motor is operating normally. Abnormal or non-operation of the suction motor will result in poor water absorption.
4. Check whether the angle between the water-absorbent rubber strip and the ground is 45°. If the angle between the rubber strip and the ground is too large or too small, it will reduce the dirt suction capacity. The angle can be adjusted by adjusting the suction guide wheel.

B. What should I do if the brush does not rotate?

1. Check whether the battery power is normal.
2. Check whether the switch is turned on. If the switch is normal, open the case to check whether the contactor and the circuit are damaged or dropped off.
3. Check whether the fuse is burned out, use a multimeter to measure whether there is voltage on the motor connection line, if there is, the motor is damaged, just replace the parts.

C. What should I do if the floor is not cleaned?

1. Check whether the brush plate is severely worn and the floor is not cleaned.

2. If there is oil on the floor and the cleaning is not clean, you can add a carburetor to clean, and different dirt can be cleaned by adding different cleaning agents.

3. If the ground is dusty, you can raise the squeegee to clean it several times and then lower the squeegee to suck the dirt.

(Tips: Add detergent to the clean water tank. Remember to add a defoamer to the waste water tank. The defoamer can eliminate the foam in the waste water tank and avoid the burning of the suction motor due to waste water overflow.)

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