What to do after the pressure gauge of the pressure washer enters water

1. After starting, the pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is unstable or sometimes no pressure

1. Air is sucked into the high-pressure water pump or the water inlet pipe. At this time, we only need to pull the trigger of the high-pressure water gun intermittently, reduce the working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner and run it for a period of time, until a stable pressure is generated.

2. Insufficient water supply, first check whether the water level of the water tank is too low, whether the water inlet pipe is leaking from the water and whether the water inlet pipe is leaking. At this time, you need to add water to the water tank or replace with a new water inlet pipe. If it is a non-self-priming pump, please check whether the pressure of the water source is sufficient and whether the inlet water flow meets the requirements of the pump.

3. The water inlet filter is clogged. At this time, just clean the water inlet filter.

2. The high-pressure cleaner cannot reach the rated pressure of the equipment

When the high-pressure cleaner is running, the working pressure cannot reach the rated pressure of the equipment, but the pressure can only be kept at the maximum and cannot rise. In this case, first check whether the hole of the high-pressure nozzle is matched or worn, if not, please replace it High pressure nozzle. Secondly, check whether the pressure regulating valve is adjusted to the correct position. If the pressure still does not rise after excluding these two conditions, you need to check the following:

1. Check whether the sealing surface of the pressure regulating valve or valve seat is worn, whether the O-ring is damaged, and whether the valve is stuck. If this is the case, please replace with a new pressure regulating valve (Note: If the pressure regulating valve is stuck, the phenomenon of "shut down the spray gun without unloading" will appear)

2. Check whether the water inlet and outlet valve components are damaged, mainly including O-ring damage, valve cover deformation or chipping, valve disc and valve seat wear, and valve disc and valve seat being sucked or raised by foreign matter. At this time, foreign objects need to be replaced or removed.

3. Check whether the water seal is worn. The main causes of water seal wear include: normal use wear, wear caused by poor water quality, long-term water shortage operation or too long to close the spray gun (usually close the spray gun for half an hour). If it is too high, it will wear out and need to be replaced at this time.

3. The pressure of the high-pressure cleaner is reduced after normal operation time

1. Check whether the high-pressure nozzle is severely worn. If the wear is severe, replace the high-pressure nozzle. For the high-pressure spray of small equipment, the nozzles will basically not wear out, because our high-pressure nozzles have basically been heat-treated, but it is difficult to guarantee the high-pressure nozzles of high-pressure equipment.

2. Check if the water inlet filter is blocked. If the water inlet filter is clogged, remove the filter and wash it with water. If the water source is not clean, the filter is often clogged. The external filter can be expanded or the clean water source can be replaced.

3. Check the internal sealing components of the pressure regulating valve and the high-pressure water pump respectively, for example, whether the O-ring of the pressure regulating valve is worn, whether the spring and valve seat surface are worn, and whether the internal O-ring is inside. Whether the pump is worn, the water seal is damaged, whether the one-way valve is worn or whether it is buffered by foreign objects.

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