High pressure cleaning machine used for rust removal in shipyard renovation

It is suggested that the high-pressure cleaner with pressure above 500 should be used for cleaning seaweed in shipyard, rust removal and refurbishment of hull, oil cleaning of casting surface, cleaning of large machinery surface, removal of oxide scale, treatment of road signs and billboards and other stubborn substances.

As we all know, boats, as one of the main means of transportation in ancient times, can also be used frequently in modern society. There are many kinds of boats nowadays. There is also a big boat for tourism, which is mainly used for entertainment. The other is for military use, known as warships. The second is cargo ships, which are specially used for transporting goods. Of course, there is also a fishing boat in the south, which is called fishing boat. Sand boats are also common.

In a word, no matter what kind of ship it is, after a long time, all kinds of dirt will appear on the hull. There will be oil stains, algae, various microorganisms in the water at the bottom of the ship, so a high-pressure cleaning machine is needed to help clear the ship

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