Matters needing attention in operation of concrete high pressure water texturing machine

High pressure water concrete roughening has been widely used in prefabricated buildings. Since 2014, Maiji has summed up rich experience. Now let's take a look at the operation precautions in the construction of high-pressure water concrete roughening.

1. Due to the complex environment in the construction site, the high-pressure water texturing machine must be placed in a safe and reliable position to avoid the place with a lot of people;

2. It is necessary to provide clean water source for the precision purification and filtration system of the equipment to work normally, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the high-pressure water texturing machine;

3. Before the high-pressure water roughening construction, the machine should be tested in the open area to check whether the instrument is normal;

4. When connecting the high-pressure pipe to the construction floor, it should be noted that the high-pressure pipe should not be bent, and there should be no debris or other building materials stacked on the construction site to ensure the cleanliness of the construction site;

5. Each high-pressure water roughing machine is equipped with 2 persons, one captain and one operator; The pilot in command shall operate the remote control, and the operator shall wear protective clothing to test the aircraft in the open area;

6. Use tools to install high-pressure water texturing gun. It is forbidden to face human body at any time to avoid personal injury;

7. The roughening construction is mainly vertical stripes, first up and then down; After that, the high-pressure water roughening gun was used to clean the wall, so that there was no obvious dust residue on the wall;

8. The galling depth shall not be less than 0.5 mm; No less than one stay wire per square centimeter; There is no obvious dust residue on the wall, so the wall is clean and the roughening quality is qualified.

Because of the great impact of high-pressure water jet, it will cause great harm to the human body. The operator should operate according to the standard operation method to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the fault and prevent the accident. Only the efficient and qualified roughening technology can really improve the wall brick bonding force and brick wall paving quality, without hollowing, falling off, cracking and other phenomena, ensure the engineering quality, and meet the requirements of rapid construction.

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