Necessity of application of high pressure cleaning machine in power plant

The application of high pressure cleaning machine in power plant is indispensable. In recent years, with the continuous rise of coal prices, the profits of coal power generation enterprises are constantly impacted. In order to maintain the original profits, only by reducing energy consumption and saving the use of coal can we continue to obtain good profits. So how can we achieve the above wishes? Facts have proved that only by promoting high-pressure water jet cleaning in power plants can the thermal efficiency of coal-fired power plants be greatly improved, coal consumption be reduced and huge profits be made.

Under normal circumstances, a lot of ash will be produced after pulverized coal combustion. When the flue gas passes through the air preheater, due to long-term operation, the ash blocking of cold end parts is very serious. When the flue gas resistance becomes larger and the exhaust gas temperature increases, the fan current will become larger, resulting in the overload operation of the unit, which is extremely unfavorable to the power generation facilities. The use of high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning can perfectly solve this problem.

In addition, during the combustion process of pulverized coal in the furnace, slagging will also occur. On the surface of hot gas at high temperature, a layer of solid deposit will be produced, which will become high-temperature sintering ash deposit. Under the sintering ash scale, metal corrosion will occur, which will seriously affect the heat transfer effect, cause deviation and increase the ventilation resistance, The serious consequence is that the high temperature corrosion under the ash scale will greatly shorten the service life of the heating surface, and the pipe explosion accident may occur under bad conditions, which is extremely harmful to the safety of power generation.

The above situation can be solved by high-pressure cleaning machine, which can not only quickly eliminate the coking of heating surface, but also reduce the occurrence of tube explosion in boiler operation, and is conducive to the safe operation of power plant

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