Instructions for use of high pressure cleaning machine in farm

The high pressure cleaning machine in the farm is a clean and disinfecting equipment which is relatively popular in the aquaculture industry. It has the functions of cleaning and spraying. It can be used as a ground cleaning equipment for farms, and can also be used as a spray and epidemic prevention system. Experiments have proved that using the high pressure washing machine of farms can save 60%~70% water for farms and reduce 99.99% of respiratory tract diseases.

In addition to the function and quality of the high-pressure cleaning machine, farmers are still concerned about the service life of the high-pressure cleaning machine. As long as farmers use the equipment according to the product manual of the high-pressure cleaning machine, the long-term use of the equipment can be guaranteed. The operating instructions of the high pressure cleaning machine are as follows:

1. Connect the three-phase electric switch;

2. When power on, the spray gun should be turned on to avoid backwater and machine heating;

3. For the first use, change the engine oil after 50 hours (the engine oil can be motorcycle oil);

4. After the second time, change the engine oil after 500 hours;

5. During flushing, the pressure should be increased slowly, not once, to avoid heating of the machine;

6. When using in winter, pay attention to apply antifreeze;

7. When adding engine oil, pay attention to the amount of oil, and add it to the specified red line of the oil cylinder;

8. When washing, do not point the water gun at people to avoid hurting people;

9. During intermittent flushing, the time of stopping the gun should not exceed 2 minutes to avoid backflow and machine heating;

10. When shutdown, pay attention to turn off the power first

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