Precautions for using the driving scrubber !

When it comes to cleaning work, the impression is that it is dirty and tiring. Now that you have a scrubber, especially with a driving scrubber, it has realized cleaning by driving, which is really the trend of cleaning work. Workers are not afraid of cleaning.

Is there a certain risk of driving a scrubber?

Therefore, is it dangerous to use a driving scrubber? Drive-on scrubbers are indeed many scrubbers with higher scrubbing efficiency on the market. Compared with hand-push scrubbers, they run more easily. Regarding the danger, the drive-on scrubbers have a certain speed. If it is too fast, the danger is very small. Don't look at the scrubber like driving a car. In order to better clean up, the speed needs to be controlled. When the washing machine you usually drive is not running, it can't be used as a substitute for transportation tools. When the washing machine is running, you can't put your hands into the suction cup and pay attention. Basically, there is no other danger.

Drive-on scrubber

Matters needing attention when driving the floor scrubber.

The precautions for use have also been mentioned above. One is to control the flushing speed during driving. If the speed of the driving-type scrubber is too fast, the time when the floor brush touches the road surface is too short, and the actual effect of scrubbing is reduced. On the whole, the speed of the driving scrubber will affect the actual cleaning effect, especially when the road is relatively dirty.

Is the drive-on scrubber dangerous? Precautions for using the driving scrubber!

If the road surface is uneven, some roads will still be installed with some speed bumps, such as underground parking lots. If you drive on this kind of road, it will easily lead to excessive wear and tear of the driving scrubber, and more serious ones will still occur. malfunction.

Large-displacement cars have higher requirements, faster speed and stronger inertia, so it is difficult to brake in an emergency, and accidents are prone to occur. In terms of safety, we still need to strictly control the speed of the scrubber while driving.

It should be noted that use a driving scrubber.

When encountering special situations that need to clean the ground, be sure to use a suitable concentration of cleaning agent. It can also replace different floor brushes/scouring pads. Different scouring pads can meet different dirt. When facing different road surfaces and dirt water, the scrubber can choose suitable cleaning agents and floor brushes to meet the requirements of the road surface. Clean, quickly deal with all kinds of difficult ground cleaning.

Have you paid attention to the above precautions? , The driving type scrubber not only has good cleaning effect, but also can easily and quickly complete large-area floor cleaning. It can also be easily operated. Therefore, the driving type scrubber is very good.

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