Factors affecting the price of high temperature and high pressure cleaners

It uses high-pressure water to achieve a good decontamination ability. It is now widely used in road cleaning, car washing, pipe cleaning and other industries. Therefore, its price issue has become a factor that users are more concerned about and determines its price. Not only the cleaning configuration, but also the main parts of the equipment, high-pressure pumps, power, and hoses. Let's take a look at it in detail below.

1. Generally, the pump head of the equipment with small flow and high pressure is better, so when the pump head is selected, it is one of the important factors that determine the price of the high-pressure cleaner. The pump head is domestically made and imported, so the products produced in different countries are in terms of performance. There are some differences, so it will cause price differences.

2. The choice of the driving power of the high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machine is also very important. There are many brands of gasoline engines for power configuration, and the product system configuration of different brands is different, so the price will also be different.

3. Other small accessories that determine the price of the washing machine, such as water seals, hoses, nozzle materials, and so on. These are also important factors that directly affect the efficiency of equipment on-site use.

Therefore, when purchasing high-temperature and high-pressure cleaners, you can’t just compare prices. You can choose according to the manufacturer’s configuration. After all, the market prices of these important configurations can be found. Combining various factors, choosing a cost-effective product is the ideal choice.

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