Troubleshooting of common failures of high-pressure water heaters

The important components used when using hot water high-pressure cleaners for work include pipe cleaning nozzles, which use the jet produced by the rear nozzle to peel off the dirt on the pipe wall while generating forward thrust and backward backflow to push the nozzle forward for cleaning. . During the cleaning process, we need to pay special attention to the normal operation of the nozzle to avoid damage to personnel or machinery. 

First of all: Before construction, carefully check whether the nozzle is clogged, and deal with it in time if clogging is found. Second: The nozzles for pipe cleaning should be carefully designed and manufactured. The nozzles are evenly distributed on the circumference of the nozzle, and the apertures and inclination angles are completely equal. The main function is to achieve a balanced reaction force. Every time we use the hot water high-pressure cleaner, we need to put the nozzle into the pipe about 30cm, and then pressurize the nozzle into the pipe. When the nozzle is pulled out from the pipe after cleaning, we need to pull the nozzle out of the pipe. The pressure of the high-pressure pump is adjusted to zero to prevent the nozzle from forming a water hose and swaying and hurting the operator.

1. If the hot water high-pressure cleaner has the above problems, the user can find the cause and troubleshoot by himself. However, if the hot water pressure washer has serious failures such as water leakage in the pump body or oil leakage in the crankcase, the washing machine should be sent to a professional maintenance department with complete accessories and strong technical force for repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

Hot water pressure washer

2. The cleaning method of using a hot water high-pressure cleaner to clean the heat exchanger is as follows: first remove the head and tail of the heat exchanger to expose all the tubes, and then use a rigid spray gun or a flexible high-pressure spray gun to insert the tube hole 200 -300mm distance, open the spray gun control valve to pressurize the high-pressure water until it reaches the rated pressure. Then, during the cleaning process, gradually push the spray gun into the deep part of the pipe until the high-pressure water jet is sprayed from the other end of the heat exchanger. 

After that, the operator slowly withdraws the spray gun in the working state, and the dirt will continue to be broken until the spray gun is pulled back to the nozzle of the feed, and the dirt will be discharged from the pipe one after another. After that, the same method is used to clean the tubes one by one until the tube side of the entire heat exchanger is cleaned.

The possible cause of the hot water pressure washer is that the water inlet and the water inlet filter are blocked. The nozzle is clogged, the heating coil is clogged, and the scale is removed if necessary. The water outlet pressure is unstable and the water supply is insufficient. The pipe is broken, the cleaning agent nozzle is not inserted into the cleaning agent, etc., causing air to be sucked into the pipe. 

The nozzle is worn, and the high-pressure water pump is leaking. The burner does not ignite and burns, the air intake is insufficient, and white smoke is emitted. The fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel nozzle are dirty and clogged. The solenoid valve is damaged, the ignition position is changed, and the spark is too weak. The high-voltage ignition coil is damaged, and the pressure switch is damaged.

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