Precautions for cleaning of high temperature and high pressure washer

The high-pressure water produced by the high-temperature and high-pressure cleaner is delivered to the high-pressure nozzle of a rigid spray gun or a flexible gun through a high-pressure hose. Since the hole diameter of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure pipe, the water reaching the high-pressure nozzle must pass through The nozzle has to be accelerated so that the nozzle can transform the high-pressure and low-velocity water into a low-pressure and high-velocity jet. This high-pressure water jet breaks the salt-alkali structure in the tube by the combined action of stamping, wedging and shearing, and pushes and pulls the fluid to discharge the dirt from the tube hole to complete the cleaning task. What should I pay attention to when cleaning the high temperature and high pressure cleaner?

The cleaning objects can be described as very wide. Different cleaning objects have different cleaning requirements. When we clean the heat exchanger tubes, we also need to pay attention to many aspects. However, if our staff do not follow the requirements, there will be May cause unnecessary accidents. So, in the specific cleaning process, how to operate is the correct way? Let us introduce this aspect. When using a high-pressure cleaner to clean the heat exchanger tubes, you should first strictly follow the safety | complete operating procedures. After cleaning a tube, you should turn off the high-pressure water gun in time, and then perform the cleaning of the secondary tube. 

Secondly, cleaning equipment operators must not only pursue efficiency and put life safety out of the blue. In the case of continuous cleaning, pull out and insert the high-pressure nozzle. If you do not grasp it firmly at this time, the nozzle will be unstable and swing back and forth under the action of the strong recoil of the nozzle. In addition, the high-pressure nozzle Once the screw is loosened, the nozzle will fly forward under the action of inertia. Therefore, the area in front of the heat exchanger is a relatively dangerous cleaning area.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the high-pressure water jet must shoot the scale directly before the scale can be broken. Therefore, no matter how long the tube is, how long the spray gun must be. Otherwise, the dirt will not be destroyed by the fluid scouring action after hitting the tube wall. Because the velocity of the fluid is very small at this time, its kinetic energy is simply not enough to break the dirt.

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