Ultra high pressure cleaner avoids the reason of low pump pressure

According to the outlet water temperature, ultra-high-pressure cleaners can be divided into hot-water ultra-high-pressure cleaners and cold-water ultra-high-pressure cleaners. What we call the hot water ultra-high pressure cleaner is to reheat the high-pressure spray water (below 150°C) to improve the cleaning function and capacity of the ultra-high pressure cleaner.

The output of the high-pressure cleaner can be three forms of high-pressure cold water, high-pressure hot water, and high-pressure steam. At the same time, it can also be controlled by a high-pressure water gun. It is ideal to add various cleaning agents and rust inhibitors according to the proportions. One of the physical cleaning equipment. In the specific cleaning process, the medium water enters the water tank through the float valve, is softened by the water softener in the tank, is boosted by the high-pressure pump and then enters the water heater for heating treatment according to the cleaning requirements, and then is transported through the high-pressure pipeline To the high-pressure spray gun, high-pressure water jets of different shapes are sprayed through the high-pressure nozzle. 

In addition, we can also control the amount of additives added through the high-pressure water gun. When the jet needs to be heated, the fuel pump only needs to pressurize the light diesel oil in the fuel tank, and through the solenoid valve control, send it to the cyclone fuel injector equipped with air volume adjustment and automatic ignition device, and spray atomized oil from the fuel injection nozzle. It is ignited and injected, and the fuel and gas are mixed at the secondary air inlet, and the combustion and heating of the inner ring of the water heater can be easily realized.

The lower and lower pumping pressure of the ultra-high pressure washer will cause some problems. The impeller wears more and more, and the gap between the impeller and the pump casing is larger. Second, there are small stones in the gap of the impeller. It is because the scale on the impeller is too thick, and there are many reasons why the power of the motor is reduced, the bearing is broken, etc. Generally, all the motor pumps are disassembled and repaired. The worn or broken ones should be replaced. The ones that should be refueled. Come on.

Through the above introduction, we can see that because the medium temperature water has a variety of temperatures, it can be treated according to the different requirements of the cleaning work. Under normal circumstances, there are two types of high-pressure cleaners: hot water high-pressure cleaners and cold water high-pressure cleaners. When cleaning, the cleaning equipment should be selected according to different cleaning tasks.

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