Selection standards for high-power ultra-high pressure cleaners

Most of the high-pressure cleaners are driven by diesel engines and are driven by mobile to facilitate the operation of the ultra-high-pressure cleaners. This type of unit generally has high intelligent control technology. 

A series of data such as motors, high-pressure pumps, water tanks, vacuum systems, air sources, and front pumps are all displayed on the instrument box. At the same time, a touch screen can be used to dynamically control the operation of the unit. Ultra-high pressure cleaners have a wide range of uses, and are almost used in all industrial cleaning fields. The safety of high-power ultra-high-pressure cleaners is very important, especially the pump cylinder. 

 Because the ultra-high-pressure cleaner is an ultra-high-pressure vessel, after the operation is under pressure, the stress distribution is relatively uniform, and all stresses are kept in the elastic range. Internally, the elastic bearing capacity is increased, and the fatigue life of the cylinder body is improved. The design principle of the ultra-high pressure cleaning machine is to select materials and processes to give self-reinforced pressure and degree of self-reinforcement. Let's take a look at the selection standards for high-power ultra-high pressure cleaners.

1. When operating and using the ultra-high pressure washer, carefully read the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the ultra-high pressure washer. Each ultra-high pressure washer model is different, following the instructions of your ultra-high pressure washer model will help you operate safely.

2. The effect of using an ultra-high pressure cleaner for cleaning is often very poor. At the same time, if you want the ultra-high pressure washer to achieve the ideal cleaning effect, use the hot water ultra-high pressure washer to clean.

3. The safety valve mostly uses the blasting diaphragm type, which is not only safe and reliable, but also the diaphragm has become a standard part.

4. In order to make the processing and disassembly more concise, the separate pump cylinder head has become the industry standard.

The main working medium of the ultra-high-pressure cleaner is pure water. The working principle is to pressurize ordinary tap water to more than one thousand atmospheres through a high-pressure water pump, and then spray a jet stream with a high concentration of energy through a small-aperture high-pressure nozzle. This is the ultra-high pressure water jet that we often say. The ultra-high pressure washer water jet has a huge hitting ability, which is instantly released on the cleaned dirt, forming wedge-shaped peeling, shear composite damage and jet impact on the surface of the dirt. Force, make the dirt and the substrate produce a pressure difference, in order to achieve the purpose of removing dirt on the surface of the equipment.

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