System composition of spray cleaning equipment

The spray cleaning equipment adopts automatic conveying and cleaning, which is stable in operation, and the tempo is adjustable in subsequent procedures, with good cleaning effect and high production efficiency. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, stable performance and long service life. It is an ideal cleaning and drying equipment for stamping parts and other workpieces.

1. Automatic conveying chain: conveying stainless steel material, chain drive, continuous passing forward, to ensure the smooth and accurate operation of the cleaning basket.

2. Sprinkler system: There are two sets of spray cleaning, one is spray cleaning with chemicals, the second is spray rinsing, the third is spray rinsing, the fourth is spray rinsing, and the fifth is spray rust prevention and internal cleaning. The cavity is equipped with a spray pipe, and there is a stainless steel nozzle on the spray pipe. The nozzles of the upper and lower spray pipes are arranged incorrectly, so that all aspects of cleaning the workpiece are in the cleaning area to ensure that there is no spray blind spot during the cleaning of the workpiece, and the cleanliness of the workpiece cleaning is guaranteed.

3. Electrical control system: independent control cabinet with main electrical control components such as PLC programmable controller, frequency converter, contactor, etc., assembled with imported brand components, stable, reliable, and long service life.

4. Filter circulation system: circulate the cleaning agent in the filter tank to improve the cleaning effect. Adopt bag filter.

5. Water cutting system: The cutting water cavity is separately discharged into the main drainage pipe. There are isolation sections outside the feeding and discharging to prevent the water mist from passing through each other; the front and rear are equipped with detachable inspection windows to facilitate equipment maintenance and repair. Clean up.

6. Air extraction system: Each spraying and air cutting section has air extraction holes on the side to connect to the main pipe. The front of the main pipe is equipped with a demister tower equipped with a Raschig ring, equipped with a centrifugal fan for air extraction.

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