How does the supermarket choose the right hand-push scrubber for daily cleaning?

So for supermarket merchants, how to ensure that the supermarket floor is clean and tidy while the flow of people is large is a matter that needs to be faced. After all, a clean and tidy environment can make shopping people happy.

The problems that supermarkets often encounter in daily cleaning are as follows:

1. The area is large. For some large supermarkets, the business premises are generally tens of thousands of square meters. When the ground is required to be clean, a lot of manpower is needed to maintain it.

2. For traditional manual cleaning, the human resources needed for tens of thousands of square meters will pay a higher salary.

3. When using a mop or mop for manual cleaning, there will be water marks on the ground, and colleagues with a large flow of people will leave more footprints. Moreover, the ground is wet and easy to slip, which may cause accidental falls.

4. The image of a few manual cleaning workers using mops and mops at the same time will make the shopping crowd have bad subjective intentions.

In view of the above situation, so now large supermarkets are basically using machines to replace manual cleaning. Floor scrubbers are commonly used supermarket cleaning equipment. Compared with manual cleaning, floor scrubbers have the following advantages:

1. The cleaning efficiency is high. The working efficiency of a scrubber is equivalent to 6 labors. For businesses, it can save a lot of human resources and salary.

2. Where the scrubber passes, there will be no traces of water left on the ground, so it will be dried instantly. It can reduce foot prints caused by heavy traffic and slips and falls caused by wet ground.

3. It can enhance the image of the supermarket.

After talking about the role of the hand-push scrubber for the supermarket, how should the supermarket merchant choose the scrubber?

Puyi manufacturers believe that compared to driving-type scrubbers, supermarkets should choose hand-push scrubbers for cleaning during business hours.

Compared with motor-controlled equipment, manpower-controlled equipment can increase risk controllability, especially in places with high traffic such as supermarkets.

If a manually driven machine suddenly appears while shopping, it will cause psychological stress.

Therefore, in the case of a good image and no psychological pressure on people, we recommend choosing a hand-push scrubber.

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