What cleaning agent is used for the cleaning machine to treat equipment oil

Cleaning the oil on the mechanical equipment with a cleaning machine often requires the help of cleaning agents. So what kind of cleaning agent should be used to clean the machinery?

Petroleum solvent cleaning agent: the type of petroleum solvent cleaning agent. Petroleum is a mixture of various hydrocarbons, and the various hydrocarbons contained in the petroleum are usually fractionated from the petroleum at different temperatures according to different uses. Petroleum fractions, which are generally used as washing and solvents, have a strong decontamination ability for oily dirt existing in machinery.

Organic solvent cleaning agents: Organic solvent cleaning agents generally have special cleaning purposes in mechanical cleaning, such as cleaning oil-repellent parts and conductive parts in machinery. Commonly used organic solvent cleaning agents include alcohols, ethers, ketones, benzenes and so on.

Non-flammable chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agent: the nature of non-flammable chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agent. Chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agent is a part of organic solvent. Because of its non-flammable and non-explosive characteristics, as well as special cleaning process, it is classified as a different category.

Chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents have strong solubility for grease, low boiling point, low specific heat, low latent heat of vaporization, so heating is fast; condensation is also fast, and the specific gravity is larger than air compared with air, and it stays in the lower part of the air. Among such solvents, trichloroethylene is widely used. Trichloroethylene has strong degreasing power and is an excellent cleaning agent for grease. Its volatility is also very strong. The unit is the evaporation rate of ether. If ether is 1, then trichloroethylene is 3.8, so trichloroethylene is used as a solvent When cleaning, no drying treatment is required. Trichloroethylene is suitable for the cleaning of ferrous metals and oil-free products. If stabilizers are added, it can also be used for the cleaning of aluminum alloys and titanium alloys.

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