Inspection method for cleaning efficiency of ultra-high pressure washer

There are many ways to improve the cleaning efficiency of ultra-high pressure cleaners, including full use of pressure and flow, efficient conversion of pressure energy to speed energy, optimized nozzle design, and the use of hitting power against targets. If these are done well, high pressure The cleaning machine can have higher cleaning efficiency.

Purchase an ultra-high pressure washer for cleaning operations, of course, to get the ideal cleaning effect, so how can we know whether the cleaning effect of the equipment is good? This requires inspection. There are three main methods for testing the cleaning effect of the ultra-high pressure cleaner.

One is the random sampling method, which is more suitable when the cleaning objects are more annoying. Due to the time relationship, we cannot detect the cleaning objects one by one. At this time, we often need to randomly select individual high-pressure cleaner cleaning objects. To be tested. Judging the cleanliness of all cleaning objects by its inspection results. When using this method, it should be noted that a certain number of detections must be selected to more accurately reflect the overall situation.

The other is to measure the heavily polluted parts as the inspection standard. When we use this method for testing, if the heavily polluted parts have reached the required cleanliness, then the other less polluted parts should be cleaned. The effect is generally able to meet the requirements of cleanliness.

Another inspection method is to conduct special inspection on specific dirt, which is to select the dirt with great influence to measure, and this method is suitable for degreasing and cleaning of general mechanical parts. When testing the cleaning effect of the ultra-high pressure washer, the focus is on oily dirt instead of specific detection of other dirt; at the same time, it can also verify the cleanliness of the cleaning object.

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