Accessories and functions of high temperature and high pressure cleaning machine

The main components of the high-temperature and high-pressure cleaning machine are high-pressure water pump, safety valve, pressure regulating valve, pressure gauge, high-pressure water gun, high-pressure nozzle, etc. Let's take a look at their respective functions in detail.

1. The high-pressure water pump is used to increase the water pressure and deliver the high-pressure water to the high-pressure water gun or high-pressure nozzle. This type of pump can be mobile or fixed, and a positive displacement plunger pump is often used to ensure a constant flow rate at a given pump speed.

2. Most pump designs include a water circulation system to lubricate the seals to prevent leakage due to wear. When the wear limit is exceeded or the pressure drops, the related seals should be replaced. A new pump sometimes has higher frictional resistance until the fit between the seal and the piston is more suitable.

3. The high-pressure gun is a simple machine with a trigger-operated ball valve as the core. The valve ball is kept in the closed position or the forward position under the action of the water flow. Or close the passage of water through the gun to the nozzle. When the trigger is pulled, it pushes a piston against the bead, forcing the bead away from the valve seat to open the passage for water to the nozzle. When the trigger is released, the bead returns to the valve seat and closes the passage under the action of the spring. If the parameters permit, the spray gun should make the operator comfortable.

4. A good inlet filter element is a cheap way to protect equipment. Dust, debris and sand can easily damage the valve and piston. The solution is to use a filter cloth of 60-100 mesh and a size suitable for the water flow and ensure regular inspections.

5. Use only when the equipment is sensitive to higher inlet water pressure. Sometimes the detergent suction port will not work due to excessive inlet water pressure.

6. The pressure washer should be set with this meter to display pressure changes. The scale range of the pressure gauge should be at least 0.5 higher than the maximum working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner. When the pressure pulsation is large, a pressure-stabilizing container should be set to accurately display the pressure reading. The pressure gauge provides an important warning condition for monitoring nozzle wear and seal failure caused by degradation, and avoids more expensive repairs in the future.

Since its birth, high temperature and high pressure cleaners have faced many failures, but usually the failure of 0.9 is not due to the pump. The most common failure is caused by the wear and tear of components or parts. The lack of water in the pump is the primary reason for the early failure of the pump. The inlet pipe is not suitable to allow enough water to enter the pump to cause cavitation. Cavitation causes a small explosion of the gas mixed in the water to cause overpressure damage and wear on the surface of the piston.

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