What should I do if the driving sweeper does not clean?

The cleaning staff of a community in Zhengzhou, Henan reported to us for repairs. A driving sweeper that has been used for nearly a year has always been unclean recently, and leaves and other trash cannot be swept away.

After the repair was reported, our after-sales service personnel immediately came to the door for inspection, opened the trash can, removed the filter element, and found that the filter element was tightly wrapped in dust. Now the problem is clear. The filter element of the sweeper is clogged and the cleaning problem is not clean.

After-sales technicians carefully clean up the filter element, remove all the dust on it, and then put the filter element back. The dust in the trash can is also cleaned up and put back on the sweeper. Start the sweeper to clean again. At this time, the problem has completely disappeared, and the cleaning effect has returned to the usual good. The dust, garbage, leaves, etc. are cleaned quietly.

After-sales colleagues also trained the cleaning staff on the daily maintenance knowledge of the sweeper in detail, and explained that they must regularly clean the sweeper filter element and other precautions, so that the driving sweeper can better serve us.

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