Which brand of driving-type fully automatic washing machine is better?

The floor of the machine factory workshop is usually made of emery floor or epoxy paint floor. There are often oily dirt on the floor, and cleaning and mopping often cannot achieve better cleaning results. The driving-type automatic floor scrubber can be used together with the degreasing cleaning agent, which can completely solve the problem of cleaning the floor oil dirt.

The advantages of the driving fully automatic floor scrubber are mainly as follows:

1. Good cleaning effect, simplifying the problem of floor cleaning. The cleaning of oily floors is often more complicated. After repeated scrubbing with degreasing cleaning solvents, the sewage must be sucked up to ensure that the floor is dry. It is impossible to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to clean a large area. After using the driving scrubber, cleaning becomes simple. All cleaning steps are completed automatically by the machine, including the machine automatically scrubbing the floor at high speed + automatically sucking up the sewage. After cleaning, the floor has no dirt residue and is completely new, and the floor is dry without any traces.

2. High cleaning efficiency. The working efficiency of a driving fully automatic floor scrubber is 5-8 times that of manual cleaning. It can clean an area of 5000-8000 square meters per hour. For an enterprise, a floor scrubber can replace several cleaning workers and reduce cleaning. Cost, saving expenses for the enterprise.

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