Why is the suction power of the vacuum cleaner reduced?

Everyone is now aware of the hazards of dust and is also consciously reducing the hazards of dust. Because a lot of dust is generated during the construction process, industrial vacuum cleaners are used in many construction processes. But in the process of using the vacuum cleaner, the suction power may become weak or there is no suction power. Why is this?

Industrial vacuum cleaner

1. Excessive accumulation of dirt and garbage in the dust bag: the filter or the filter pores of the dust bag are blocked, the cyclone channel is not blocked, and the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is reduced or even disappeared completely. The garbage in the dust bag should be removed or the dust bag should be replaced.

2. The air duct of the vacuum cleaner is blocked: then the hose, vacuum head or suction port is blocked by paper balls, cotton tires and other garbage, which will also reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner or completely disappear.

3. The vacuum cleaner organism or accessories are not sealed and there is air leakage, which causes the suction to decrease

①. The air inlet of the long machine in the long machine cavity of the vacuum cleaner is improperly disassembled, or the rubber blocks or rubber rings of the long machine are not placed properly; or the rubber seals are aging or displaced, causing the cyclone to flow out from the edge of the long machine's tuyere, and the wind pressure is reduced small. The long machine chamber should be opened to clear the above scene, or the rubber block and rubber ring should be exchanged.

② The filter in the dust collection chamber may not be installed in place or missed, so that the rubber ring of the filter bag is not placed flat between the dust collection chambers to penetrate the storm, so that the vacuum in the dust collection chamber is reduced and the suction power is reduced.

③The damage of the vacuum cleaner attachment causes ventilation. Such as cracks in hoses, joints and tubes, and major damage to the brushes, will prevent the cyclone from passing through the ballistic trajectory to the dust collection cavity.

④. The use of the vacuum cleaner filter bag takes too long, which causes the pores to be blocked, and the suction power is reduced or missing.

After long-term use of the filter bag, although it continues to be washed, the suction power will be reduced or missing due to the hardening of the fluff or the clogging of the fiber holes, so it should be replaced with a new filter bag.

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