Why doesn't the brush plate of the electric scrubber turn?

As a common cleaning equipment, floor scrubbers play an increasingly important role in industrial and commercial cleaning operations. At the same time, more and more people like to use floor scrubbers to help us finish cleaning. Why doesn't the brush plate of the electric scrubber rotate? How to troubleshoot?

1. Battery problem

This must be considered first. If the scrubber has been used for more than one year, then this problem must exist, that is, the battery storage capacity becomes smaller, and the power of the scrubber is insufficient when the scrubber is started. Please charge the scrubber first. For more than hours, the scrubber can be processed without rotating the scrubber when it is turned on. If it is fully charged and the scrubbing operation is performed, then it is a battery problem. If it is fully charged, there is still a situation where the scrubbing does not rotate, please go to Look down.

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2. Safe wire fuse

When the scrubber is fully charged, the scrubber of the scrubber still does not work, then please check the safety wire of the scrubber, stand behind the machine, and there is a box of safe wire on the left hand side, open it to view all the safe wires . If there is a problem, the safety wire is blown, and the safety wire of the brush plate can be replaced in time to fix the problem of the brush plate not rotating.

Three, the line problem

There is another possibility that the scrubber does not rotate. It is a wiring problem. From the switch of the scrubber to the wiring of the motor below, you must check. Because of the aging problem of the line, the brush plate of the scrubber will not rotate. Just check this line responsible for the brushing, and the others can be left alone, so that you can find out if it is a line problem.

Four, brush plate motor

If we have checked all the above items, no problems have been found. If the brush disk of the machine still does not rotate, then it is a problem with the brush disk motor of the scrubber.

1. Perhaps the brush motor of the scrubber is aging, the solution is to change the brush motor of the same kind of scrubber.

2. Perhaps the carbon brushes of the brush plate motor of the scrubber are worn out. You can just replace the carbon brushes directly. You can also take out the original carbon brushes, adjust the position, and continue using them.

3. Perhaps the brush motor of the scrubber is damaged by the water entering, which depends on the serious condition.

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