How to maintain the driving sweeper?

The driving sweeper is a modern cleaning equipment that integrates ground cleaning, dust collection, and garbage recycling. It is widely used in all walks of life. It has a good recovery of various domestic production wastes such as paper scraps, dust, leaves, cans, and stones. effect. In order to ensure the cleaning effect and service life of the driving sweeper, the operator is required to learn to maintain the driving sweeper! So, how do we maintain the driving sweeper?

1. Use the sweeper to clean up the garbage in the trash box every day and keep the inside clean.

2. Regularly check whether the disk brush is working properly and whether the garbage collection channel is damaged.

3. Regularly check all moving parts, such as whether the drive motor has abnormal sound, observe whether there is mechanical wear, and properly add lubricating oil to the mechanical friction part.

4. When the sweeper is running, it is easy to scratch the paint on the outer layer, even if the paint is damaged, it should be handled in time.

5. Do a good job in motor maintenance.

Among them, the motor is the heart of the entire driving sweeper. The quality of the heart determines the working efficiency and effect of the entire sweeper, and also determines the life of the machine. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the sweeper both in the purchase process and the use process. Of the motor.

In order to ensure the cleaning effect and service life of the sweeper, the operator is required to learn to maintain the motor of the sweeper.

1. Each time the battery is used, about 20-30% of the remaining power is left. Excessive discharge will affect the service life of the battery;

2. When the charger fails and needs to be replaced, a matching charger should be used for charging;

3. For the newly purchased sweeper, do not charge it at will for the first time. You should charge it after using up the power. The first three times of charge can be fully charged;

4. When charging the sweeper, please make sure that the power socket is in good contact, and the charger plug is in good contact with the battery plug. Poor contact may cause damage to the charger and cause battery failure;

5. The charging voltage of the sweeper must be stable, and the voltage is unstable, which can easily cause damage to the sweeper motor or reduce the service life of the battery;

6. After the battery is used up, it should be charged within 24 hours. Failure to charge for a long time will also shorten the life of the battery;

7. If the sweeper is not used for a long time, you should charge the sweeper every one or two months to ensure that the battery will not damage the life of the battery due to a long time without electricity.

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