What to pay attention to when cleaning supermarket scrubbers

The scrubber has the functions of sweeping, mopping, and absorbing to make cleaning easier, but what aspects should be paid attention to when using the supermarket scrubber?

Supermarket scrubber

1. Choosing the type of floor scrubber should be based on the floor cleaning of the supermarket and the size of the supermarket.

2. When using the scrubber, pay attention to whether the scrubber handles the low-power mode, and try to avoid the low-power mode of the scrubber.

3. When cleaning the floor, check the floor for things that are easily entangled to avoid entanglement of the floor scrubber.

4. When operating the scrubber, avoid collision with surrounding hard objects to avoid damaging the scrubber.

5. Avoid cleaning the ground with a steep slope, so as not to damage the scrubber if the brake is not timely.

6. When there is a lot of water on the ground, you should first use a mop to pull it away and use the floor scrubber to plan.

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