The most important part of industrial vacuum cleaner "motor"

When choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner, everyone considers whether its power is large enough, whether the trash can has a large capacity, whether its appearance is aluminum alloy or plastic steel, but have you ever wondered where the most important part is? It provides the power part of the "motor". Many manufacturers will not tell you the service life of its motor when it is sold. In the future, the more expensive consumables are also the motors. Industrial vacuum cleaners are guaranteed for one year. Knowledge will be considered when buying a vacuum cleaner in the future.

The motors used in industrial vacuum cleaners are divided into "brushless motors" and "brush motors". Is there any essential difference between them? The following vacuum cleaner manufacturers analyze their differences from several dimensions.

Working principle: The brushless motor is also called "DC motor" because it uses direct current, and it can operate automatically. Permanent magnets are used as the rotor, while the stator becomes the energized coil. By changing the current direction of the stator according to a certain frequency, the continuous rotation of the motor can be realized.

Brushed motors are also called "carbon brush motors." Usually, the power equipment uses brushed motors, which use mechanical commutation, the magnetic poles do not move, and the coils rotate. When the motor is working, the coil and commutator rotate, but the magnetic steel and carbon brushes do not rotate. The alternating current direction of the coil is changed by the inverter and brushes that rotate with the motor.

Brushless Motor

Service life: Brushless motors have a service life of 7-10 years, and brush motors have a service life of 2-3 years

Scope of application: Brushless motors can be used in clean or explosion-proof workshops such as dairy products, meat products, electronic precision plants, and brewing industries. Its noise is very small, so in the case of relatively high control requirements, such as precision food and other equipment that strictly controls the motor speed.

Brush motor carbon brush motor is suitable for the requirements of toilets, offices, small places, etc.

Routine maintenance: The routine maintenance of brushless motors is basically unnecessary. The motor needs to be replaced if it is broken.

Brushed motors have carbon brushes that rub against each other, causing wear and tear, and the carbon brushes need to be replaced regularly.

Carbon brush motor

Price: The cost of brushless motors is also higher than that of brush motors.

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