The working principle of industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of commonly used cleaning equipment. It has a complete set of related supporting facilities, which can be used to clean up dust, lint, iron filings, etc. generated during production to purify the air. What is its working principle?

Industrial vacuum cleaners can vacuumize the inside of the barrel with multi-stage high-pressure fans, vortex air pumps, vortex fans, and other equipment, so that the negative pressure rises rapidly. At this time, the high negative pressure makes the air flow into the barrel quickly through the air inlet. 

The dust brush and the dust suction pipe, the flowing air carries the solid particles that need to be collected and processed into the barrel, the filter bag is connected with the air inlet, the solid is attached to the inner surface of the filter bag, and the freshly filtered air passes through the gap of the filter bag. After the second filtration of the filter element, the air can reach the emission standard. The filtered air enters the exhaust duct through the exhaust port of the fan or air pump, and is finally discharged back into the workshop to reduce the loss of heat energy. 

Generally speaking, the higher the negative pressure, the stronger the suction, and the larger the diameter of the suction port, the flow will increase, and the corresponding negative pressure will decrease, and the suction will decrease. By selecting the appropriate model, the negative pressure can be maintained at a constant level. Within a constant range to adapt to the absorption and processing of different materials.

The working principle of most industrial vacuum cleaners is similar to this. Having a vacuum cleaner saves time, effort, and cleanliness.

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