How to maintain the washing machine daily

At present, more and more factories and supermarkets are using floor scrubbers, and the ground is different. With the long service life, coupled with the effects of carbonization, water erosion and weathering, these floors will appear to be ash and cracked to varying degrees. , Chemical corrosion and other phenomena, which also affect the normal use and cleaning difficulty of the floor. In addition, the friction of the cement floor will be relatively large, and the consumption ability of the wearing parts of the scrubber is very strong, so the daily maintenance of the scrubber is very important.

1. Clean up the recycling bin

1. Remove the drain pipe from the pipe clamp, unscrew the drain cover and empty the recovery box (Note: Before any maintenance, remove the key and disconnect the battery connector of the machine. Protective gloves must be worn to avoid contact Direct contact with dangerous liquids.)

2. Clean and flush the recovery tank and the suction pipe (connect the hose between the squeegee and the water tank)

Brush plate vacuum strip

2. Clean the vacuum motor filter

1. Lift the vacuum cover and fix it with the bracket

2. Place and remove the protective cover of the vacuum filter clockwise

3. Remove the vacuum filter

4. Flush the vacuum filter with a water gun

5. Reassemble all parts

Third, clean the squeegee

Carefully clean the entire vacuum assembly to ensure better water absorption and cleaning effects, and also extend the service life of the vacuum motor.

The cleaning steps are as follows:

1. Unplug the suction pipe from the suction port of the squeegee

2. Loosen the hand wheel to remove the squeegee from the connecting frame

3. Check the wear of the scraper. If one side of the scraper is completely damaged, the rear scraper can be turned over and used. If all the edges of the scraper strip are worn out, they need to be replaced. To replace the scraper, loosen all wing nuts, remove the scraper pressure plate, and then remove the scraper to turn it over or replace it.

Washing machine

Fourth, clean the solution tank and filter

1. Unscrew the water drain plug of the machine and empty the water tank

2. Remove the water inlet cover of the solution tank

3. Rinse the inside of the water tank with a water gun

4. Re-plug the water plug and turn the knob clockwise appropriately to tighten the plug

5. Move the handle down to close the water valve

6. Unscrew the filter on the front of the machine

7. Take out the internal filter and rinse thoroughly with running water

8. Reinstall all parts

Five, remove the brush

1. Rotate the right handle counterclockwise to lift the brush base

2. Rotate clockwise until the brush comes off from the brush chuck seat,

It is recommended to exchange the left and right brushes every day. If the bristles are not new and the bristles are deformed, install them in the original position (the right side is still installed to the right, and the left side is still installed to the left), so as to prevent the brush motor from being caused by the inclination of the bristles. Overload can also prevent excessive vibration of the brush.

Six, the cleaning of the suction pipe

As long as you feel that the water absorption effect is not good, check whether the suction pipe is blocked at any time. If necessary, clean with running water according to the following steps:

1. Make sure the recycling bin is empty, otherwise empty it completely

2. Put the key switch in the "off" position and remove the key

3. Rotate the left handle clockwise to lift the squeegee

4. Rotate the right handle counterclockwise to lift the brush base

5. Unplug the suction pipe from the suction port of the squeegee

6. Grab the handle under the seat to open the recycling bin

7. Lift the recycling bin until it is secured to the end of the safety bracket

8. Unplug the suction pipe from the connector of the recovery box

9. Rinse with running water

10. Reassemble all parts

The above should be cleaned regularly to ensure the normal operation of the scrubber.

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