Common faults and treatment methods of driving sweepers

1. The brakes are not working.

Adjust the inner wire rope nuts of the rear tires on both sides clockwise until the braking effect on both sides is the same.

2. Don't walk.

Associated components are controller (left inside the distribution box), fuse (second from top to bottom), two-way contactor (below the fuse), accelerator (stepping on the right foot), driving wheel (front wheel), battery, and corresponding Wiring spools, connectors and clues. Any one of the parts is damaged or poor contact will cause no walking, and the damaged parts can be replaced to recover.

Driving a sweeper for maintenance

3. No cleaning

As for the main components of sweeping, there are 2 side brush motors, 1 main brush motor, 1 fan, 1 100A contactor (in the middle of the right side of the distribution box), and a travel switch (located on the right side of the body, inside the main brush connecting plate) , Fixed on the right side panel), the main. Side brush push rod, steel wire rope, control switch button, etc. Among them, the travel switch is damaged or not adjusted properly, the main brush push rod is damaged, the wire rope is broken, and the control switch button is burned out, which will cause no cleaning. The side brush motor, main brush motor, and fan motor are all controlled by a 100A contactor. If any one of them does not work, it is a motor failure. If none of them work, the reasons are:

⑴. The sweeping switch button is invalid, just replace the switch.

⑵. The sweeping travel switch fails, adjust the main brush wire rope to make the travel switch work; if the travel switch is found to be damaged, replace it.

⑶. The 100A contactor is damaged, just replace it.

4. No alcohol

The main related components of the beverage function are water tanks, water pumps, water pipes, valves, nozzles, relays, switches and control circuits. Common problems include water tank leakage, water tank rupture, loose ligation, clogged water nozzle, damaged water pump, electrical circuit failure, etc. If any part of the link is leaking, loosen the connecting section, then wrap the raw material tape and fix it tightly.

Sweeper case

5. Low dust

Check whether the vibration dust motor is damaged, and whether the dust vibration chain is loose or broken. If it is damaged, replace it. Check whether the related circuit and switch button are normal, if damaged, just replace it.

6. No charging

Check whether the charger connector is connected properly, whether the charger is working normally, and whether the charger panel display is displayed according to the instructions. If the connector is not plugged in, just plug it in. If you find other abnormalities, such as a blown fuse, and the charger does not display, please contact the after-sales service personnel in time.

7. Dust leakage

The main reasons for common ash leakage are:

1. The air filter is not vibrated in time to cause blockage

2. The sealing strip of the dustbin is off or partly damaged

3. The fan is not working properly

4. The front bumper is damaged

5. The main brush has filamentous ribbon winding or the installation direction is wrong

6. The trash can buckle is loose or falling off

7. Cleaning is too fast

If you find the above situation, please take corresponding measures according to each situation

8. The main brush and side brush cannot be upgraded

There are 3 push rods that control the lifting of the main brush and the side brush, which work separately and control together. If it is found that one or two of them are not working, it is judged that the push rod is damaged and can be replaced; if it is found that three of them are not working at the same time. Check the circuit, it can be concluded that the button is damaged, just replace it.

9. Steering wheel malfunction

Under normal circumstances, the main reasons for steering wheel failure are: 1. If the chain above the front wheel is loose or broken, just replace the chain in time.

2. If the steering wheel connection spline is loose, just tighten the spline lock screw. The spline is located above the ground and at the bottom of the steering wheel.

The above is the summary and treatment of the failure of driving the sweeper, hope it will be useful to the merchants.

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