What are the commercial machines in the cleaning equipment?

With the development of society, more and more business malls and supermarkets will pay attention to their own facades, that is, the issue of cleanliness. The commercial machine produced can be used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals and other places that require cleaning equipment.

Commercial machines include: carpet cleaning machine, fabric sofa cleaning machine, escalator machine, these are the more common ones, which are introduced one by one below.

The carpet cleaning machine adopts centrifugal force dynamic balance technology and uses the principle of centrifugal force to drive the brush plate to rotate. It has very good stability, is light and easy to operate, can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency, reduce the user's work intensity, and has a safety device with a good safety factor. , Suitable for all types of ground.

Carpet cleaning machine

Cloth sofa cleaning machine It adopts special original foaming motor to ensure high density and high stability of foam. The body is lightweight, easy to use, and high in cleaning efficiency. Really wash and use as you go. It can solve the problem of washing and hard-drying of various fibers in cleaning cotton or fabric sofas, velvet walls, carpets, and automobiles.

Sofa machine appearance

The escalator machine can carry out daily cleaning and maintenance of the step ladder. It has a lightweight body and can be folded for easy transportation. This machine is equipped with two stain-removing roller brushes and a high-power vacuuming device, which can deal with stubborn stains or daily cleaning and maintenance. Under normal circumstances, place the machine on the running escalator for cleaning, which saves time and effort.

Escalator machine

These commercial machines can clean the industrial floors and carpets they are suitable for.

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