How to choose a good quality industrial vacuum cleaner?

In modern industrial production, industrial vacuum cleaners are an indispensable cleaning equipment. It can collect pollutants and clean the environment in the industrial production process, and at the same time achieve the purpose of purifying the air. In today's rapid economic development, environmental issues have been highly valued by the country, and industrial vacuum cleaners will also have a good development in the future.

There is a big difference between purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner and an ordinary household vacuum cleaner. The industry needs to use it every day, and there are higher requirements for the working environment and the internal performance of the product. We cannot blindly pursue low prices and ignore quality. Not all customers have a thorough understanding of industrial vacuum cleaners. In the purchase process, we can’t just judge its quality from the appearance. What we need to pay attention to is the internal structure and specific functions. This is the basis for choosing an industrial vacuum cleaner. The following vacuum cleaner manufacturers introduce how to choose high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaner application case

1. Functional choice

It is necessary to understand whether it can work continuously for 24 hours, and to fully consider the power supply system, overall performance and other aspects. Whether the dust can be sucked dry and wet. Also consider the depth of dust. It is necessary to consider product quality and performance, such as suction, working hours, structure, appearance, operation, maintenance and other different indicators.

2. After-sales service

Fully consider services, including pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, especially to see if professional and long-lasting after-sales services can be provided.

Vacuum cleaner display

3. Ability to filter

The filtering capacity is also an important parameter for judging industrial vacuum cleaners. As a layer filter, the industrial vacuum cleaner uses a cyclone separator, and then implements high-precision filtration through a filter element. Filter elements of different materials are also different in filtration, usually including glass fiber, chemical fiber, polyester, stainless steel and other filter substrates. The solid filter substrate usually uses "polyester fiber", and then the surface is coated with PTFE film. Can achieve higher filtering accuracy. Others use multi-fold filter elements, that is, high-efficiency filters, which can be said to fully solve the clogging problem of traditional vacuum cleaners while working, and can fully increase the filtering area. Generally speaking, the better the filtering capacity, the higher the price, the better the performance, and the more worthy of choice.

4. Noise problem

The noise of a good industrial vacuum cleaner is very small during use. Under the pollution of noise, the staff can easily reduce the work efficiency, and at the same time, it will have a bad influence on their own hearing.

In the process of purchasing an industrial vacuum cleaner, you should consider from many aspects and choose carefully. Others understand it better than yourself. Only after you understand, will you not be deceived and choose an industrial vacuum cleaner that suits you and has excellent product quality.

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