What are the types of industrial vacuum cleaners

The rapid development of cleaning equipment has led to uneven product quality in the environmental protection industry at this stage. How to choose high-quality industrial vacuum cleaners has become a "heart disease" for many customers. In fact, the most direct and effective way to check the quality of vacuum cleaners is to suck. The dust effect, if you use the same vacuum for two or three years, only vacuum cleaners that have stood the test of time are high-quality vacuum cleaners. So what types of common industrial vacuum cleaners are there, which industries are they suitable for, and how can I choose a suitable vacuum cleaner? The following vacuum cleaner manufacturers will answer one by one.

Vacuum cleaner test machine

The most common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market are: 220V industrial vacuum cleaners, 380V industrial electric vacuum cleaners, battery-type industrial vacuum cleaners, shoulder vacuum cleaners, explosion-proof vacuum cleaners, textile vacuum cleaners, pneumatic vacuum cleaners, etc.

The 220V industrial vacuum cleaner produced has a voltage of 220V household electricity, but it is also suitable for industrial use. The filter area of the vacuum cleaner of the PY switch can reach 12,500 cm2, which is suitable for cleaning operations in factories, workshops, construction sites and other environments. It can be used to suck dust, water, iron filings, welding slag, and stones with remarkable effects.

Where the vacuum cleaner is applicable

The 380V industrial electric vacuum cleaner has strong suction power and can work for a long time without stopping. It is suitable for floor cleaning in various factories of food, medicine, furniture processing, wood chips, and ceramic processing dust.

Battery-type industrial vacuum cleaners are cordless vacuum cleaners. There are two styles of battery-type vacuum cleaners, one is hand-push, and the other is shoulder-back type. The hand-push type is well understood. The shoulder-back type is suitable for commercial use. Daily dust removal is a right-hand man for aircraft cleaning. The hand push is suitable for outdoor or large areas where the power supply is inconvenient.

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners, as the name suggests, have explosion-proof functions and have a high safety level. It is suitable for explosion-proof areas and flammable and explosive industries. For example, if the petrochemical industry has a large capacity, it needs to use an explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

The textile vacuum cleaner, why should we bring the textile vacuum cleaner alone? Because the dust in the textile industry is different from ordinary dust, most of its waste is light materials such as fluff, down, thread, and cloth. It can compress while sucking, and will not let the barrel expand.

Textile vacuum cleaner

Pneumatic vacuum cleaners are powered by compressed air and can replace electric vacuum cleaners in places with compressed air. It is mainly used in the fields of electronics, machinery manufacturing, metal processing, and wood processing. It is also suitable for places such as inconvenient power supply, inflammable and explosive, and ship transportation.

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