What are the advantages of industrial vacuum cleaners?

More and more factories and enterprises will use vacuum cleaners as a convenient cleaning tool, which can collect waste generated in industrial production for air purification and environmental cleaning. The current industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers are also dazzling, but each manufacturer wants to highlight its own advantages. Where are the advantages of vacuum cleaner manufacturers? There are the following points.

1. In terms of product performance, it can make it more convenient and simple for workers to use.

Where the vacuum cleaner is used

General industrial vacuum cleaners need to be sucked for a while to clean up the dust. If it is pulse blowback, it has an independent pulse control valve for blowback dust removal. As long as you customize the pulse time interval, it can automatically remove dust without manual cleaning. .

When we use it, we may sometimes need to suck some liquid. Some vacuum cleaners need to take out the filter element before sucking the liquid, and then suck it. It is very troublesome. The cyclone separator can separate the solid and liquid and reduce the clogging of the filter.

Sometimes after we have sucked for a period of time, we don’t know whether the dust collecting bucket is full or the filter element is blocked. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a pressure detection system. The pressure gauge can monitor the internal working conditions in real time to prevent the filter from clogging and causing the fan to overload.

Various functions of the vacuum cleaner

2. Filtering device

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed with various different materials for filtering, and its different filtering structures and methods can effectively improve the filtering effect of the vacuum cleaner. The filter device of the industrial vacuum cleaner has two layers. The high-efficiency HEPA filter and the polyester fiber coated dust filter can filter 0.3um fine dust to achieve multiple filtration.

filter device

3. After-sales service

I believe that when buying an industrial vacuum cleaner, in addition to considering its performance, the most important thing is whether it has professional and continuous after-sales service capabilities. If you buy an industrial vacuum cleaner, we will provide a one-year warranty (including the motor) and maintenance. Whether you are locally or not, we have many branches. It can be repaired at any time. And our company is in Changzhou, Jiangsu. If it is in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, it can be delivered and repaired free of charge. Welcome customers to industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

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