What is the difference between an industrial vacuum cleaner and a household vacuum cleaner?

Nowadays, the development of science and technology has greatly improved people's work efficiency. Vacuum cleaners are divided into industrial and household types. The two are essentially different and cannot be confused. The following editor analyzes the differences between the two from several dimensions.

1. The difference in power

Under normal circumstances, due to the small size and light weight of the household vacuum cleaner, its power is also relatively small, and now household vacuum cleaners are more popular to use a wireless rechargeable structure, so that they can vacuum more freely without changing the socket, which is very convenient. Industrial vacuum cleaners are different. Due to the complexity of the industrial environment, especially heavy industry, the materials that need to be cleaned are relatively large and heavier. Therefore, vacuum cleaners need strong suction power to complete the cleaning work. This requires vacuum cleaners. The relatively large power is generally above 3600W. Heavy industry can only be higher.

Industrial high-power vacuum cleaner

2. The difference in the substance absorbed

Household vacuum cleaners are used to absorb dust particles at home, at most small objects such as melon seeds, peels and cigarette butts, while industrial vacuum cleaners are used to absorb waste generated by the factory during the production process, such as some metal powder, iron filings, and sand. , Sawdust and a lot of dust, and there may be some liquid.

Household vacuum cleaner

3. The difference in capacity

Household type Since the area of the home is not very large, it is generally made small and exquisite so that it occupies as little area as possible, and the capacity is generally 20L-32L. Industrial vacuum cleaners are generally relatively large. Because the area of the factory is large, it is also No need to be small. Moreover, the amount of waste generated in the production process of the factory is also relatively large. Most factories work in two shifts and work 24 hours a day, so the capacity of industrial vacuum cleaners should be large enough. The capacity is above 80L, because it is large enough, it has been cleaned up before the next group of people arrive. You don't need to empty the garbage in the dust bin frequently, which can save most of your time.

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