What kind of vacuum cleaner is better for heavy industry?

Nowadays, industrial vacuum cleaners have become a necessity for large enterprises and factories to collect waste and clean their sites. It is widely used in various fields. So what kind of vacuum cleaner should I choose for heavy industry? The following editor will explain from the following.

1. Machine barrel

Due to heavy industry, the objects placed in its workshop are basically heavy objects, and the top of the workshop may swing from side to side to prevent collisions with objects on the ground. Based on these considerations, the body of the vacuum cleaner should be made of more robust and durable materials, stainless steel can be used, and it is also necessary to ensure that it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance.

Vacuum cleaner test machine

2. Filtration system

Equipped with a double-layer filter system to finely filter the metal and dust generated during the processing of various mechanical parts. With the high-efficiency filtration system, its powerful functions can be brought into full play in abnormal environments.

Vacuum cleaner delivery

3. Performance characteristics

The motor of the industrial vacuum cleaner is a three-phase pulley motor to ensure its effective working efficiency. The upper and lower separation bucket design allows users to clean the dust inside the dust collection bucket conveniently and quickly. According to the different power, straws with different calibers can be customized.

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