Which factories use explosion-proof vacuum cleaners?

Now more and more companies will use vacuum cleaners to collect wastes from industrial production and to purify the air and the environment. Some of these wastes are flammable and explosive materials. How to choose a vacuum cleaner for these materials? The following editor will give you a detailed explanation.

Generally, petrochemical and flour mills are prone to explosions. Everyone must be wondering why flour mills are flammable, because flour is a combustible dust. After reaching a certain concentration in the air, it will explode when exposed to an open flame. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that these combustibles are carried out in accordance with strict operating procedures. Once there is a violation of the operation, an explosion accident is prone to occur.

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

The explosion-proof vacuum cleaner is because it uses advanced explosion-proof precision casting turbofans, and the internal AC contactor and thermal overload of the explosion-proof electrical box use Schneider brand electrical components. Can achieve the purpose of explosion-proof.

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner 2

Here again, the substances that are prone to explosions are specifically: aluminum powder, zinc powder, ferrosilicon powder, magnesium powder, iron powder, aluminum processing grinding powder, and so on.

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