How to buy a vacuum cleaner in a dust-free workshop

Nowadays, more and more factories have built high-standard clean workshops, and have done dust-free treatment in the production workshops, and the requirements for dust-free are very strict. Because the dust-free workshop can ensure the health of the staff inside, it can also have a significant effect on the quality, precision, finished product and stability of the product.

In summary, vacuum cleaners in clean rooms are essential to ensure product quality.

Clean room vacuum cleaner

So, how, in real life, how does the product factory do it? Let’s follow along with the editor to find out:

1. Problems that need to be paid attention to when decorating the clean room

The decoration of a dust-free workshop is a very technical work. It needs to have very good cleanliness. In some places, it also needs to have the requirements of fire prevention, dustproof, and heat preservation. Therefore, the dust-free workshop needs to have the right to the industry during the decoration. Professionals who have a good understanding of the level, professionals also need to have a very in-depth understanding of the materials used, so that they can be "dust-free" in the sense.

2. Design requirements of industrial vacuum cleaners for dust-free workshops

Raw material room, production room, semi-finished product storage room, packaging room, warehouse, inspection room, storage room should be set up in the workshop. These spaces need to adopt the 10,000-level air purification standard, and other laboratories, filling rooms and changing rooms need to be adopted. 100,000-level air purification standards, each pickup is closed to prevent cross-contamination and ensure good product quality.

3. Relevant requirements for product production operators

Workers working in a dust-free workshop need to wear clean overalls, work caps, masks, dust-free gloves, etc., and wear clean shoes when entering the dust-free space. If you want to go to the toilet during the beginning of the operation When going out, they should wash their hands and disinfect them after returning, and the staff should trim their nails frequently.

4. Air quality requirements for dust-free workshops

The air environment is one of the important source factors of product microbial pollution. Therefore, effective sterilization methods should be selected in the dust-free workshop. There are many sterilization methods, such as ultraviolet radiation, drug sterilization, and filtration sterilization. All methods need to have the following requirements: good sterilization ability, low or non-toxicity, convenient operation process, etc.

Therefore, air filtration in a dust-free workshop is very important to the quality of the product. When choosing a dust suction device in the workshop, you must choose a good quality and high effect.

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