Common problems of washing machine and daily precautions

Recently, customers often report the problem of the washing machine’s unclean water absorption. In fact, there are many times the customer can solve it, but everyone does not understand it, so we call out to repair the machine every day after sales. Here is simple for everyone. Explain that the customer can solve the water absorption problem of the washing machine by themselves.

Water absorption problem

1. Unplug the suction pipe to see if it is blocked. If it is blocked, clean it up in time. Turn on the power to see if the suction power is sufficient.

Suction pipe

2. Is there any rubbish blocked in the suction nozzle, turn the suction squeegee upside down, check whether there is rubbish in the round hole, and clean it up.

Peeling hole

3. Check the degree of adhesion of the rubber to the ground. If it is too high, it will leak and suck cleanly, and if it is too low, it will not suck cleanly. If the rubber is too high, raise the nut and the rubber will go down, if it is too low, adjust it up, and it can be adjusted.

Adhesion of rubber to the ground

4. Check that there is a pipe in the sewage tank, see if the pipe mouth is blocked, and clean it up

The pipe in the sewage tank


1. The suction port of the sewage tank is close to the motor. When cleaning, do not get water on the suction port and keep the suction port dry.

Suction vent

2. After cleaning the floor, wash the rubber and clean the water tank.

3. Regularly remove the net inside the clean water filter cover for cleaning.

Clean water filter cover

Clean water filter

4. Cover the sewage after putting in the water. It must be covered, because the washing machine absorbs water by its airtightness. If it is not covered, it will leak air, and it will also lead to unclean water absorption.

The cover of the sewage pipe

The above are the related matters and its inspection items about the unclean water absorption of the scrubber. I hope that when you encounter the problem of non-absorption, you can check the above items in time. If there is no problem, you may really need to replace the motor. , Then contact the manufacturer to replace it.

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