What kind of vacuum cleaner should be used for thick floor dust

Vacuum cleaner is not just a term for many factories, it has penetrated into all aspects around us. We understand that vacuuming is not a heavy labor, but your pursuit of the quality of work and living environment. Therefore, we insist on using conscientious quality and professional technology to create a beautiful and comfortable living space and working environment for you.

Vacuum cleaner test machine

For the thicker ground dust and more waste, we generally recommend you to use a vacuum cleaner with higher power, large dust bucket capacity, and convenient dumping of garbage.

More dust requires a high-power vacuum cleaner. The greater the power and the greater the suction power, the higher its efficiency and the faster the suction.

Vacuum cleaner test machine 2

Moreover, since it has a lot of dust, it needs to be large enough to hold the dust bin. Industrial vacuum cleaner has a vacuum cleaner TK2290SE, which has a dust bucket capacity of 130L.

Large-capacity dust bucket

There is too much garbage, so it is convenient to dump garbage. The vacuum cleaner TK2290SE is a separate bucket from top to bottom. After the dust bucket is full, you only need to pull the lever of the dust bucket out to dump it, which is very convenient.

So when buying a vacuum cleaner, these should be considered questions must be asked clearly.

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