The difference between industrial vacuum cleaner and dust collector

People often confuse industrial vacuum cleaners with dust collectors. Sometimes I receive calls from customers asking how much dust your dust collector can absorb. In fact, customers don't know that these two machines are completely different products. Here is a distinction.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly used in factories. The power supply is basically industrial power 380V, and the power is about 2400W-7500W. It works by sucking garbage into the dust bucket by vacuum negative pressure. A textile vacuum cleaner that can absorb both dry and wet dust and water, oil, iron filings, and professional lint, down, and thread. It is mainly used to clean up dust and garbage on the ground.

The difference between suction and collection

Industrial dust collectors are mostly square. They have large air volume and low pressure. They can suck floating dust into the dust box along with the air volume. Generally, a filter element is used to filter the dust. The filtering accuracy of dust above 0.3um is 99. %the above. It can work for a long time and is mainly used in places where there is a lot of dust. It is mostly used to collect scattered and suspended dust, such as powder industry, chemical industry, cutting, grinding, construction, cement, furniture, plastics and other industries.

Industrial dust collector

From the above, it can be concluded that when selecting the type, you must be clear about what kind of garbage you want to process. In short, use industrial vacuum cleaners to clean up the garbage on the ground, and use industrial dust collectors to collect dust floating in the air.

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