What are the dust vibration methods of industrial vacuum cleaners?

There are three vibration methods for industrial vacuum cleaners: manual vibration, electric vibration, and pulse blowback

Manual dust vibration means that there is a dust vibration handle on the outside of the machine, which is connected to the inner star-shaped filter. When the filter is blocked, shake the dust rod vigorously to clean the filter and keep it unobstructed. There is a PY361ECO double-barrel high-match vacuum cleaner with this device. It has a capacity of 100L and a power of 3600W. It can be used for both wet and dry purposes, such as vacuuming dust, water, iron shards, and glass shards.

Manual dust vibration

Electric vibration dust is a manual operation with a vibration motor. The outer body of the machine does not have a dust vibration handle, and it looks more beautiful in appearance. It mainly relies on the way of vibrating the dust isolation of the vacuum cleaner filter to achieve the effect of dust vibration. The rapping time can also be adjusted. One TK-FZ8018 has the function of electric dust vibration. And it has three brushless motors, which can provide strong suction, low power consumption and energy saving.

Electric vibration dust

There is also a fat flush back-blowing type, which has an independent pulse control valve for back-blowing and dust removal, and the pulse time interval can be customized to achieve a good dust removal effect. There is a TK221MFC with such a function. An external air source can also be used to realize the pulse back-blowing and dust removal function, and an air compressor can be selected.

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