What are the filtration systems of industrial vacuum cleaners?

I believe that many people still don't know much about the filtration system of industrial vacuum cleaners. It needs to choose different filtration systems according to different usage conditions.

1. Choose a star filter, the star filter bag has a large filtration area, is not easy to be blocked, and can be reused. The disadvantage is that the filtration accuracy is average.

Star filter

2. The second type of filtration system uses paper bags for filtration. Its characteristics are simple and convenient, with high filtration accuracy. The disadvantage is that the paper bags are easily damaged and generally need to be replaced after one use, and they cannot be wetted.

3. The third type of filtration system is to use high efficiency filters for filtration, which is cleaner, with high filtration accuracy, can be wetted with water, and can be reused.

High efficiency filter

4. The last type of industrial vacuum cleaner filter system uses a dust barrier to filter. This kind of industrial vacuum cleaner filtering method is to place a dust barrier in the industrial vacuum cleaner. The raw material of the dust barrier is mostly non-woven bag raw materials. The characteristics of this filtering method It can be used repeatedly. The disadvantage is that the degree of filtration is not high, and it cannot be exposed to water. Under normal circumstances, the dust barrier can be used normally for half a year.

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