"Water Leakage Problem" in Washing Machine Repair

Electric floor scrubbers are mechanized cleaning equipment commonly used for cleaning large areas on the ground. Because they are used on the ground for a long time and are used frequently, it is inevitable that there will be some failures that affect the cleaning effect. At this time, we usually notify the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel to perform repairs, but this will often delay some time. If we can solve some minor faults by ourselves, then the repair time will be greatly reduced, and the electric floor scrubber will be faulty. The impact of coming is minimized and work efficiency is improved.

     Recently, customers often ask about "water leakage from the scrubber". Here is a small editor for everyone to understand some basic fault detection and find the cause of the fault.

Floor scrubber for vegetable farms
   Under normal circumstances, the washing machine leaks, divided into the following places.

       1. The clean water tank is leaking, and the solution is to make up the leak in the clean water tank (replace the clean water tank);

2. The recovery tank is leaking, and the solution is to repair the leak in the recovery tank (replace the clean water tank);

3. The connecting water pipe or hose is damaged, the solution is to replace the water pipe or hose assembly;

4. The filter is leaking. The solution is that the filter seal is not installed in place or the filter seal is damaged;

5. The solenoid valve is leaking, and the solution is to remove foreign objects in the solenoid valve. Or replace the solenoid valve

Hand push scrubber

    Everyone can easily find the problem in the first three positions, and you can also see it directly, but if the filter and solenoid valve leak, it may not be so easy to find. If the scrubber you buy is not "Tuoweik" and For the two brands of "Gaomei", even our after-sales engineers need to go to the site to find where they are, because each manufacturer’s installation location is different. If it is our own brand, the engineer can Operate directly. If you encounter water leakage, check the above 5 points first. If the clean water tank, sewage tank, and connecting pipe are not damaged, you need to call after-sales service to repair.
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