Mobile battery industrial vacuum cleaner cleans dust from the factory

In addition to bringing convenience to household cleaning, vacuum cleaners can also be used in factories, workshops and other places. Generally, there are specialized industrial vacuum cleaners, which are different from household vacuum cleaners.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are used in many industries because of their strong adsorption capacity. We can often see the use of industrial vacuum cleaners to suck away the dust and garbage in the car in the car wash, and the hotel uses industrial vacuum cleaners to suck the water on the cleaned carpets. In the factory, industrial vacuum cleaners can mainly suck dust and debris on the ground, walls, and machines...

At present, industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly divided into two types: plug-in vacuum cleaners and battery vacuum cleaners. The plug-in vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests, means that the vacuum cleaner must be plugged in during the working process, so it is only suitable for places with sockets. The battery-type vacuum cleaner can be applied to any occasion as long as it is charged in time and has sufficient power.

TB-DC battery type industrial vacuum cleaner

 Plug-in vacuum cleaners are always dragged with long wires to work, which brings limitations and inconvenience to cleaning, and affects the cleaning work. There are also some large industrial vacuum cleaners that require a fixed position and can only be driven by a voltage of 360V. However, cleaning requirements sometimes require the vacuum cleaner to be moved to a farther position, or the clean environment does not have a power supply to plug in. At this time, you can use our battery-type industrial vacuum cleaner to help. The bottom of the battery-type industrial vacuum cleaner uses a large-capacity lead-acid battery or a lithium battery. Can be moved to any place for cleaning operations. It avoids the entanglement of the wire during cleaning and the restriction that the wire is not long enough. For example, if some wasteland cleaning environment is not powered on, we can use a battery-type vacuum cleaner to handle it.

To sum up, through the comparison between the two, we should use the battery-type vacuum cleaner in the factory as much as possible, because in general, the area of the factory is relatively large, so it is very troublesome to use the vacuum cleaner connected with the general wire , It is necessary to drag a cord to find the power supply, and the length of the vacuum cleaner cord is limited, which cannot be cleaned to every corner of the factory. But if you use the battery type directly, you can avoid this kind of trouble, because the wireless vacuum cleaner helps people get rid of the trouble of the wire, and it is more free and convenient to use.

In addition to convenience, industrial vacuum cleaners have many uses and good performance. Generally, they can be used continuously for 24 hours, with large volume and strong absorption rate. It can be used for waste generated in industrial production to absorb various particles, liquids, etc., and it can also purify the air, create a safe and environmentally friendly environment for the factory, and protect the health of workers.

Are you still troubled by dust cleaning in the factory? Don't worry, an industrial vacuum cleaner can solve your worries!

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