How to solve the insufficient suction power of the three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner?

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are commonly used cleaning equipment in industrial production. Some are used for industrial dust absorption and water absorption, and some are used in conjunction with related equipment to clean up various garbage in the industry, such as iron filings, particulate matter, and grinding dust. The suction power of a three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is the guarantee of its working efficiency. Therefore, how to maintain the large suction power of the industrial vacuum cleaner through reasonable operation and use is the main problem that users should pay attention to when using it.

When the suction power is insufficient when it is opened for the first time

Please check whether the links between all the components are installed properly, just reinstall the components that are not installed. If the link between the parts is not sealed, it will cause insufficient suction.

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner

When the suction power is found to be insufficient while in use

Please check if there is any foreign matter blocking the air inlet;

Please check if there is any foreign matter blocked in the hose;

Please check whether the dust or water in the collection bucket is full;

Please check whether the exhaust vent is blocked by foreign objects;

Please check if the filter is blocked by dust;

Please check whether the links between all components are falling off;

Please check if the liquid level protector is blocking the air inlet of the motor compartment.

In addition, if you want to maintain the large suction power of an industrial vacuum cleaner for a long time, the operation method and maintenance work are the top priorities. In normal use, if there are large pieces of paper, paper balls, plastic cloth or things larger than the diameter of the straw in the cleaned area, they should be removed in advance, otherwise it will easily cause the suction pipe to be blocked. When a lot of rubbish is found, the dust on the filter should be cleaned up and a good ventilation channel should be maintained to avoid blocking the filter and causing the suction power to drop, the motor heats up, and the service life of the product is reduced.

Therefore, to buy industrial vacuum cleaners, you must buy quality, guaranteed, and after-sales, and you must choose a manufacturer with professional after-sales service, because timely after-sales is also very necessary. Sometimes it is not a major problem with the machine, but we don’t understand. A professional consultation may save a lot of trouble.

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