Cleaning solution for large-scale driving scrubber in the machinery manufacturing industry

Large-scale driving-type scrubbers are the foundation of various industries and a symbol of the level of industrialization and development in my country. The machinery manufacturing industry involves a wide range of industries, including casting, forging, metal processing, etc., with a huge industrial workforce. At present, there are millions of laborers engaged in the machinery manufacturing industry in China. With the advocacy of the country's sustainable development strategy, industrial enterprises are paying more and more attention to effective operations, corporate image, production environment, and workers' health.

Large driving type scrubber

Cleaning problems in the machinery manufacturing industry

1. Production workshop: large area, a lot of oil, metal shavings, dust, etc., frequent interleaving of personnel and forklifts, which makes cleaning difficult, and it is difficult to ensure the safety of cleaning workers during operation;

2. Office/canteen: large flow of people, high frequency of cleaning;

3. Warehouse: The cleaning area is large, and the tire marks of forklifts and tractors are difficult to clean;

4. Outdoor/parking lot: large clean area, more stones, solid garbage, dust, etc.;

5. Labor: With the development of China's economy, labor is becoming more and more expensive.

    Our cleaning equipment has accumulated many years of effective pre-sales research service experience. Within a certain period of time, we have an in-depth understanding of the company’s production environment, cleaning area, floor materials, and what kind of waste it needs to clean, etc., and develop a targeted set of effective Practical and low-cost cleaning solution.

1. Production workshop/warehouse: The indoor cleaning of large places mostly uses driving-type scrubbers and sweepers;

2. Offices/canteens: Hand-push scrubbers are often used in indoor places with narrow passages;

3. Outdoor/parking lot: Because there is a lot of garbage and dust, sweepers are often used for cleaning;

4. If there is too much iron slag and iron filings in the processing engineering, it is difficult to clean in the gaps of the machine, and an industrial vacuum cleaner can also be equipped for quick cleaning.

According to different areas and environments, we will provide a variety of models of sweepers. According to different materials and grounds, we will also provide a variety of machines with different ground pressures and suitable cleaning detergents to meet the corresponding cleaning requirements of each company.

After a long-term investigation on the practical cleaning of sweepers in the current Chinese market, in recent years, domestic machinery manufacturing companies have also realized that they have adopted effective and low-cost cleaning solutions to purchase sweepers for cleaning. However, companies complained about the vulgar shape and noise of industrial and commercial sweepers on the market. Large, the dust pollution is large during cleaning, it needs to be exposed to water to control the dust, the machine is difficult to operate, and the life is short. It is not possible to buy a cost-effective sweeper at a cost. For this reason, Changzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. has concentrated on research and successfully produced an industrial type. The driving sweeper, the appearance design is atmospheric, the international technology level, it can clean and control dust without spraying water, training-free operating system, flexible and convenient, ergonomic design, the fuselage adopts imported accessories, long life, stable frame, The machine is compact and powerful. It can easily and automatically clean small curved and narrow areas and quickly clean large-scale complex and harsh roads with metal chips or small stones. It can easily handle indoor and outdoor dust cleaning of different degrees, and for heavy dust floors. The effect is particularly outstanding. The floor scrubber sweeper is mainly used to clean and produce the working environment of heavy industry, which is to make cleaning more technological.
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