How to decide the quality of an electric scrubber?

According to the current social development and progress, the cleaning industry has brought very good application prospects. The newly added properties, factories and hotels every year have added a good market space for cleaning machines such as electric floor scrubbers. The cleaning equipment is a brand new one. The development of the industry also makes cleaning machinery such as floor scrubbers get people's attention and use. So how to tell the function of a washing machine is good or bad?
Electric washing machine

The effect of water absorption: This is simply a very important sign that determines the quality of the scrubber. If the water can't be sucked clean, we can't use it as a scrubber. The suction effect is determined by many aspects, including the suction motor, the design of the suction system, the degree of vacuum, the squeegee, etc. This is a test of the manufacturer's design and matching function.

Cleaning efficiency: When it comes to cleaning efficiency, there are many problems, such as the size of the brush, the size of the water tank, the length of the squeegee, the duration of the battery, etc. The cleaning effect of different types of scrubbers is definitely different. We use it here. Comparison of almost the same type of scrubbers of the same level, such as hand-push automatic scrubbers, the number and size of brushes are the same, and the capacity of the water tank is similar, but the battery capacity may be different.

The cost of consumables and accessories for the washing machine. The scrubber is not a one-time investment that does not pay attention to maintenance. In the later use, some materials should be purchased, such as: scrubber rubber strip, scrubber brush, scrubber electric bottle, etc. The prices of different washing machine consumables are also very different. We should try our best to choose some washing machine consumables with a more cost-effective purchase price. In addition, when there is a problem in the use of the scrubber, the scrubber needs to be repaired. The price of the scrubber accessories is also very different. The price of the suction tube of a scrubber is sometimes higher than that of domestic scrubbers. The price of the ground machine is much higher.
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