Are the correct steps for a fully automatic battery scrubber?

The scrubber is very familiar to us in the cleaning industry, but it is unfamiliar to the operators who are in contact with cleaning equipment such as scrubbers for the first time. Most people don't know how to operate the floor scrubber. The following is the operation method and precautions of the automatic floor scrubber for your reference.

Specific steps of washing machine:
1. Untie the power cord and check whether the power cord is damaged and easy to leak electricity. If it is intact, you can install needle holders, scrubbing mats or scrubbing brushes at the bottom of the body in the opposite direction; adjust the handle to an angle that is convenient for your own operation;
2. After confirming that the switch is off, plug it in and use it.
3. Put the power cord on the back, hold the handle with both hands, and turn on the switch. At this time, the brush plate or dial is level with the ground. Grasp the joystick up and down to move the machine left and right. The brush plate starts to rotate. After confirming that there is no fault, that is You can start the job.
4. When working, do not rely on your own arm strength to move the machine back and forth, left and right, but press the handle to make the machine move, and the human body naturally moves with the scrubber.
5. When the work is finished or stopped, turn off the switch and the machine stops rotating.

Washing machine

Daily operations and precautions:
1. Read the manual of the multi-function scrubber carefully before use, and use it after training.
2. Please do not operate the machine before it is fully assembled. Before operating the machine, the user should carefully check the integrity of the machine.
3. The brush surface must be completely grounded (parallel to the ground) before it can be turned on, and it must not be turned on when it is half ground, half suspended or completely suspended. Avoid hurting people or damaging the machine.
4. In the area to be cleaned, the large debris on the ground and the garbage that affect the suction work should be removed first. This is good for improving work efficiency and protecting machines.
5. Particularly dirty floors can be repeatedly cleaned or choose different cleaning agents to improve the cleaning effect of the floor.
6. Because the ground is uneven and there is water on the ground, it should be operated with a water suction machine at this time.
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