Is the driving electric scrubber expensive?

Frequently Asked Question 

1: What are the brands of scrubbers? Which brand of scrubber is good?

Answer: The brands of scrubbers are mainly divided into imported scrubber brands and domestic scrubber brands. The more famous brands of imported scrubbers are: Gaomei, Keliwei, etc., and the domestic scrubber brands are more famous: Topwick and so on.

Frequently Asked Question 

2: What types of scrubbers are generally divided into?

Answer: The types of scrubbers are mainly divided into driving scrubbers, hand-push scrubbers, and fully automatic scrubbers. Among them, the driving efficiency of electric scrubbers is relatively high, and they are usually popular in the market The hand-push floor scrubber and fully automatic floor scrubber are more suitable for use in smaller places, such as hospitals, factory aisles, and other small areas. The amount of cleaning is relatively large.

Driving electric floor scrubber

Frequently asked questions 3: How much is the price of a floor scrubber, and how to measure whether the driving electric floor sweeper is expensive or not?

The price of washing machine is basically a question that all consumers who buy washing machine products must consider. The editor knows that a price is paid for. Changzhou Puyi manufacturers remind everyone not to be cheap during the purchase process. The purchase of a scrubber depends on whether it is a hand-push type or a driving type, whether it is imported or domestic, and the price difference is still relatively large. The price of driving-type scrubbers is generally between 20,000 and 100,000, and the price of hand-push scrubbers is generally between 10,000 and 40,000.
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