Technicians answer questions about scrubbers

Q: How to solve the problem of excessive foam when the floor scrubber is working?
Answer: Check if you use a low-foaming formula cleaner, if necessary, add an appropriate amount of defoamer to the recovery tank.
Please note: When cleaning the floor with stubborn dirt, more foam will be produced. Please dilute the cleaner according to the guidelines.

Push-type washing machine

Question: What should I do if the hand-push scrubber has poor water absorption?
1. Check whether the surface of the squeegee strip is clean and whether there is any solid waste remaining inside the strip;
2. Replace worn rubber strips. Adjust the working angle and pressure of the squeegee. The working angle and pressure of the squeegee should be adjusted according to the wear condition of the squeegee; under normal working conditions, the rear squeegee strip should be aligned with the front squeegee strip;
3. Check whether the suction pipe is correctly connected to the sewage tank;
4. Check and clean the water suction system;
5. Check whether the water suction motor switch is turned on.

Q: How to maintain the washing machine battery?
1. The liquid level of the washing machine battery should be checked every 5 days or so. If the liquid level is close to the lead plate (not exposed to the air), the battery should be filled with distilled water in time (distilled water is better, sold in various local stores), and add water to It is about 3 mm below the plastic port, and it is forbidden to replenish the battery stock solution.
2. Add water to the washing machine battery after the battery is fully charged and the power plug is pulled out.
3. The discharged battery should be charged within 24 hours, otherwise the battery will be damaged.
4. When the washing machine battery is charging, please make sure that the power socket is in good contact, and the charger plug is in good contact with the battery plug.
5. When the battery of the washing machine is used for the first time, the charging time for the first three times should be more than 12 hours, and then it can be fully charged. The charging time is normally about 8 hours. If a larger current is used to charge the battery, the charging time may be shorter, but the larger current will also damage the battery life.
6. When the battery is fully charged, the charger generally automatically stops charging the battery.
7. When the washing machine battery is not used for a long time, please recharge the battery every three months.
8. If oxides appear on the battery and wire joints of the scrubber, clean them up in time.

Question: Why is there insufficient water output from the scrubber brush and how to solve it?
1. Check whether the drain valve is open.
2. Check whether the water in the clean water tank is sufficient.
3. Check if the filter is blocked.
4. Check whether the water supply pipe is blocked.
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