How to master maintenance knowledge when using automatic scrubber

One: Empty and clean the recovery tank. In the working process of the scrubber, a large amount of water mixture containing sludge will be absorbed, which is easy to accumulate in the water tank and emit an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the water tank with running water.

2: Remember to empty the clean water tank of the automatic floor scrubber. Especially when the cleaning operation is not carried out every day, otherwise the water in the tank will become an unclean source. It will also cause water leakage due to wrong operation, causing unnecessary losses (such as burning out the motor).

Three: Check whether the squeegee and filter of the battery scrubber are clean and clean. If one of the squeegee strip and the suction filter is blocked, the drying effect will be weakened, and the strip and the filter need to be cleaned with water.

Four: Regularly check the wear of the scrubber brush and squeegee every week. If the ground is relatively frictional, the strong pressure on the ground will damage these accessories or make them wear faster. Under normal circumstances, the brush plate can be replaced after 50 hours of use. Conversely, after 30 hours of use, the absorbent tape should be replaced or turned upside down (when the four sides of the tape are still available).
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