What kind of garbage cannot be cleaned with a sweeper?

Since the advent of the sweeper, it has been favored by many companies, of course, this also includes municipal sanitation. The sweeper has been working well for us, reducing our physical strength and saving labor costs. We also need to take good care of it. The little knowledge shared by Changzhou Puyi Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is about which garbage cannot be cleaned with a sweeper? Follow the editor to take a look.

Riding sweeper

1. Slender ropes, belts, etc.

Because the cleaning belt and string will be entangled on the main brush or side brush, long-term non-stop work will increase the resistance, which will burn out the motor and make it unable to work normally.

2. Large area of stagnant water, wet ground

The use of industrial sweepers on a large area of wet ground in rainy days will easily cause the cleaning effect to deteriorate. Because the brushes are easy to stick to the wet soil after contacting the ground, they are easy to be brought to the main brush when the brush is running. On the baffle, when the weather is clear, the mud will fall off with the main brush at work, which will affect the next cleaning effect. You need to remove the main brush and clean it with water, and then install it after it is clean to clean it up. It's a waste of time and will reduce the service life of the brush. In general, avoid using it in rainy weather as much as possible, which not only reduces your unnecessary troubles, but also improves the cleaning effect.

3. High-temperature sundries, and flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful dust

In order to ensure that the industrial sweeper can be used normally during cleaning and can complete the cleaning task with high quality, the operator should conduct irregular inspection and maintenance of the driving sweeper.

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